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Welcome to the Digital Transformation and Value Creation Research Initiative

We are the digital transformation research initiative at the University of Cologne.

Our interdisciplinary team consists of researchers from the marketing, information systems, psychology, and economics areas. Together we seek to advance knowledge about the digital transformation of businesses and society.

Students can find our teaching offerings on digital topics here.

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Prof. Dr. Werner Reinartz


Open position as Student Assistant (WHB)

Prof. Bruno and his team (Marketing and Digital Environment) is searching for a new student assistant (WHB) with a bachelor's degree. Starting date is April 1st 2019. For more information please click here.

Diana zur Löwen about the Creation of Social Media Content - Guest Lecture

Within the course Marketing of Digital Innovations we are awaiting Diana zur Löwen to give an interesting talk on the creation of content on Social Media. She will give practical insights and demonstrate important aspects for a successful Social Media Marketing. The guest lecture will take place on Wednesday, January 30th from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. in Aula 2 (main building). Everyone interested in this topic is welcome to attend the guest lecture.


Guest lecture by Dr. Philipp Marchand (Vossius & Partner) about patents

We are looking forward to the first guest lecture within this year’s course of Marketing of Digital Innovations. Dr. Philipp Marchand, patent attorney at Vossius & Partner, will discuss the significance of patents and protection of digital innovations from an European perspective. It will take place on Wednesday, December 19th from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. in Aula 2 (main building). If you are interested in this topic but not attending the Marketing and Digital Innovations course, you are also welcome to attend.


Prof. Marchand discusses the digital future of education at ZEIT Science Camp

A key statement of this discussion was that simply memorizing lecture content will no longer be sufficient in times of machine learning. Instead, today’s business environment requires learning as a means to consider novel trends and directions (e.g., impact of digitalization on innovation and marketing including artificial intelligence). Students should thus be encouraged to think in rational ways so that they can apply their obtained knowledge in other, unfamiliar situations. Furthermore, electronic exams should not simply be a digitized version of former paper and pencil exams but extensions with new types of tasks including complex big data analytics, which cannot be solved with pocket calculators anymore.
More information about the ZEIT Science Camp can be found here: https://verlag.zeit.de/veranstaltungen/ausblick/zeit-veranstaltungen/sciencecamp/


"Schlechte Lehre ist verschleuderter Lebenszeit" - Prof. Jörn Grahl im Interview mit dem Kölner Universitätsmagazin

Prof. Jörn Grahl, Universitätspreisträger in der Kategorie Lehre & Studium, steht dem Kölner Universitätsmagazin Rede und Antwort über gute und schlechte Lehre. Das Interview kann hier nachgelesen werden